• We Are Opening Our Hearts and Hands to These Abandoned Young Women.

    Our goal is to help them to emerge from their situation with independent and stable living conditions to achieve a secure future for themselves and their children according to The Lord.

  • Short & Long-Term Objectives

    Short-Term Objectives

    • Teaching the gospel 
    • Reaching out to the local resources: school, vocational learning and training program (for their education)
    • Clinic (health assistance for mothers and child)
    • Seasonally food package 
    • Clothing 
    • Nursery or daycare 

    Long-Term Objectives

    • Expanding the child care program 
    • Kindergarten 
    • Our own vocational school program 
    • Shelter for the homeless
  • How You Can Help…

    Young Single Mothers Sponsorship Opportunity 

    Every single day, thousands of young people in Northeast Haiti experience the overwhelming and seemingly inescapable feeling of hopelessness. Much more so for a young single mother! Our goal is to shower these young mothers with God’s love, grace and mercy, so they can experience the hope of Jesus Christ and live out that hope through their family, community, school and work.


    Through the Young Single Mothers Sponsorship Program, you can make a very personal and significant difference in the life of a young single mother and her child.


    Each mother’s situation is unique, but in most cases we are able to meet her (and her child’s) needs for about $75 a month.


    Your tax-deductible donation of $75 a month will make an impact by providing things like:

    • Consistent exposure to the Gospel through the CLC Church in Ouanaminthe

    • Discipleship with strong Christian women

    • Clean clothing for mother and child

    • Tuition for school

    • Job training and job placement assistance

    • Child care

    • Nutritious meals for mother and child for the month

    • Preventative and primary medical care

    • Mental, social and family counseling


    Join us in loving and supporting these young women! Donate today.